TikTok is one of the most popular social networking platforms available. It allows users to interact with each other, watch videos, and send text messages without the use of a mobile app. The platform also offers screen time limiting features that can be set for teens. Parents can also link their child’s account to their own to monitor their online activity. However, TikTok only lets a user send a message to another person if they are a follower. So if you want to avoid receiving unsolicited messages, you may want to turn off DMs.

The platform also offers many privacy settings to help you control the amount of information you provide. Depending on the privacy setting you choose, you can have control over who you share content with, how often you receive a notification, and which users can access your message history. To check these settings, simply go to the Settings and Privacy menu in the TikTok website or app. This will display the settings for each feature. You can even set the recommended account settings for other users to see.

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One of the most useful things TikTok provides is the ability to limit your exposure to unwanted messages. By blocking users, you will not be able to receive or respond to any messages from them. This is great if you do not want to engage with a user who does not like you. In addition, TikTok offers a report button that allows you to notify the platform of unwanted and harmful messages.

Another option that TikTok provides is the ability to delete messages. Although it does not delete the messages from the recipient’s memory, it will remove them from the device’s memory. For example, if a user messages you a photo of themselves, it will be removed from the user’s phone, but the picture will remain in your friend’s memory.

Whether you are a teenager or a parent, you may be wondering how to turn on messages on TikTok. If you have trouble answering this question, you may be surprised to learn that the platform does not offer this functionality for kids under the age of 16. As of April 30, the platform will no longer allow direct messaging to be sent by anyone under the age of sixteen.

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If you are a parent or teen, you can also customize your child’s TikTok account to ensure they do not receive inappropriate messages. For example, you can enable “restricted mode” that will prevent any user from sending a DM to your child. Alternatively, you can link your child’s TikTok account with yours to allow you to manage the content they view on the platform.

There are a number of other tips and tricks that can be utilized to better control your TikTok experience. Specifically, you can block unfollowers, edit your privacy settings, and report unwanted messages. While TikTok has taken steps to limit the amount of information you share, it can still be difficult to keep track of all of your activities.