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What's the difference of 2B、2D and BA stainless steel plate?

Time:2018-04-01 17:27Author:jawaysteel

2B, 2D and BA Stainless steel  represent what? How to determine which type of stainless steel it belongs to. Now Jaway Steel  writes an article to explain the difference between them.Please follow my pace , let's get started

1、2B(matte surface)

2B stainless steel plate

we can get 2B stainless steel plate product after cold rolling heat treatment, pickling, and then finish processing to make the surface a moderate brightness, which is easy to re-grind, make the surface more bright.

2、BA (bright surface)

BA stainless steel plate

BA tainless steel plate that is brightly annealed after being cold-rolled and flattened. Excellent surface gloss and high reflectivity. Such as the mirror surface.


It is the surface of the hot rolled blank after the simple cold rolling.

If you want to buy stainless steel plate,you need to konw the difference between them!

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