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The actual performance of the stainless steel plate and the corresponding treatment process

Time:2018-09-13 18:34Author:jawaysteel
The actual performance of the stainless steel plate, first of all, we must pay attention to its surface beauty and diversification of the possibility of use; stainless steel plate itself will have better corrosion resistance, more durable than ordinary steel; The stainless steel plate is also better in corrosion resistance; as far as this strength is concerned, the possibility of using the thin plate is relatively large.
The high-temperature oxidation of the stainless steel plate and its strength are relatively high. In terms of this feature, it can also play a role in fire resistance to a large extent; the stainless steel plate can also be operated at normal temperature. The processing is relatively easy to plastically process. This stainless steel plate does not need to be surface-treated, so it is simple and easy to maintain, and it is also relatively high in terms of cleaning and its smoothness.

For the treatment process of stainless steel plates, first of all, the vacuum quenching furnace will be divided into oil quenching and gas quenching according to the cooling method, and then divided into single chamber and double chamber according to the number of stations, 904 mountain \Fearing is a cycle furnace. The vacuum oil quenching furnace is a double chamber, the electric heating element is placed in the rear chamber, and the oil groove is arranged below the front chamber.
The stainless steel plate workpiece is moved into the front chamber after heating and heat preservation. After closing the middle door, care should be taken to fill the front chamber with inert gas to about 2.66% 26times; lO ~ 1.01% 26times; 10 Pa (200 ~ 760mm Mercury column), oil. In the case of oil quenching, it is also easier to cause deterioration of the surface of the workpiece.
When the stainless steel plate is processed, it should be noted that the surface activity is relatively large, and a significant thin layer carburization can occur under the action of a short high temperature oil film. Furthermore, the adhesion of carbon black and oil to the surface is detrimental to the simplified heat treatment process. The development of vacuum quenching technology in stainless steel plates is mainly to develop air-cooled quenching furnaces with excellent performance and single station. The processed workpieces are guaranteed in performance and can reduce internal stress.

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