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Characteristics of 310s stainless steel plate during processing

Time:2018-09-13 18:27Author:jawaysteel
Speaking of the processing characteristics of the 310s stainless steel plate, first of all, we actually need to do this, then the hot processing will be divided into three types: point heating, linear heating, and triangular heating. And the point heating in the 310s stainless steel plate is mainly used to correct the uneven deformation of the sheet.
Under normal circumstances, the larger the thickness of the 310s stainless steel plate, the larger the deformation will appear. The more the reinforcement, the larger the diameter, the smaller the distance will appear. For the linear heating of 310s stainless steel plate, there will be three basic forms at this time. The main ones will include linear, curved, and 310s stainless steel plate loop heating. When applying in detail, you should pay attention to the selection as appropriate. When the triangle is heated, it will first be used for the bending deformation of the pay steel beam and structural planning.
The 310s stainless steel plate thermal processing method will also be called flame rectification. In this method, the temperature of the flame is used to heat some of the 310s stainless steel plate, which is why it is cooling. Some new changes have occurred in the fire, and then it is enough to offset the old deformation and reach the purpose of correction.
When the 310s stainless steel plate is subjected to hot working, it is necessary to pay attention to the accurate selection of the heating direction at this time, and the temperature and the cooling time can also obtain a relatively good correction effect to a large extent. The higher the heating temperature, the more robust the 310s hot working correction is, the lower the heating temperature is. Generally speaking, it should be controlled to be between 1200-1600 °C.
And when the 310s stainless steel plate is actually processed, it should be noted that it can not exceed 1900 ° C, the hot processing method of the 310s stainless steel plate, often using the heating of the gas welding torch. In this case, the thermal processing method is also used for the 310s stainless steel plate planning and some general low alloy steel planning.

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