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430 BA bright surface Stainless steel plate

Time:2018-04-09 14:35Author:jawaysteel

  1.Product name:Cold rolled stainless steel sheet 430 410 BA bright surface

  2.Material Type:Magnetic ferrite 410 430 grade


  4.Grade:410S, 410L,410, 430, sus430, Jis430

  5.Form:Cold Rolled Treatment, soft material

430 BA bright surface Stainless steel plate



  8.Length:As request, 1000mm, 1219, 2438, 2500, 3000mm etc.

  9.Surface:No.1, 2D, 2B, NO.4, HL(Hairline),8K, BA

  10.More Process:Paper Interleave, PVC coated, slit/trim edge, circle cutting, flatten surface

  11.Application:Tableware, Kitchenware, Kitchen, Tools, Auto decoration, Pipe, Furniture parts,Tank, Building decoration, Lamp parts ,Door and window, bathroom etc.

430 BA bright surface Stainless steel plate/sheet

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