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316 2B stainless steel plate with price from supplier in china

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   316/316L stainless steel - an austenitic chrome nickel steel with superior corrosion resistance to that of other chrome nickel steels. Widely used when exposed to chemical corrodents, as well as marine atmospheres. 316 is generally considered non-magnetic, but can become magnetic when cold worked. In 316L, the carbon content has been lowered to .03% max. for corrosion resistance at heat affected zones from welding.

316 2B stainless steel plate

  Properties of 316 2B stainless steel plate
  •   Tensile Strength: 74,694 PSI (Min)
  •   Yield Strength: 29,732 PSI (Min)
  •   Elongation: 40%
  Applications of 316 2B stainless steel plate
  •   Food Preparation Equipment
  •   Laboratory Benches & Equipment
  •   Coastal Architectural Panelling
  •   Boat Fittings

316 2B stainless plate

  Specification of 316 2B stainless steel plate

  316 2B stainless steel plate is the most widely used marine grade stainless steel with great resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and with a great durability. It is easy to fabricate and clean. 2B finish is a cold rolled "dull polish" appearance surface finish.

  Density of this 6mm thickness material is 8.03 g/cm3, or 48.179 kg per square meter of material.

  Supplier of 316 2B stainless steel plate

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316/316L Stainless Plate Products

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