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304 stainless steel plate for sale with factory price

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  •   Standard:ASTM/ASME,A213/SA213,ASTM/ASME,A312/SA312,ASTM/ASME ,A269/SA269,DIN17458-85,etc
  •   Grade:304
  •   Width:3.5mm-1550mm
  •   Thickness:0.025mm-4mm
  •   Surface:180G,24G,320G Stain/Hairline 400G,600G Mirror finish
  •   Application:Steel bridge,Boiler Plate,Shipbuilding Steel, Steel Armor, Automotive Steel, Roof Plate,Structural Steel,Elecrical Steel etc.
  •   Quality Control:Squash Test,Extended test,Water Pressure Test, Crystal Rot Test,Heat Treatment,NDT

304 stainless steel plate for sale

  Mechanical Properties

  •   Tensile Strength:≥520
  •   Yield Strength:≥205
  •   Extension:≥35%
  •   Hardness (HV):<90

304 stainless steel plate


  Our company is a located in Dainan, Jiangsu Province, china,we are a professional and reputable stainless steel manufacturer and exporter in China,producing and offering our clients stainless steel palte,coil,pipe and other related products. Products are mainly exported to South America, Europe,Southeast Asia and Africa.

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