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304 Water Cutting Stainless Steel Plate

Time:2018-03-07 16:46Author:jawaysteel

  304 water cutting stainless steel plate is a kind of plate which is produced by the water cutting machine.

  Water cutting, also known as jetting, namely a kind of high pressure water jet cutting technology, it is a kind of machine which using high pressure water cutting. Under the control of the computer, it can arbitrarily cut and polish the workpiece, and it will also not be affected by the texture of the material so easily. Because of its low cost, easy operation, good quality and high yield, water cutting is becoming the mainstream of industrial cutting technology.

304 Water Cutting Stainless Steel Plate

  The price of 304 water cutting stainless steel plate:

$2000-3000/Ton,you can contact us,so that we can give you better result.if you are fortunate enough,you can get a discount.

  The types of 304 water cutting stainless steel plate:

  In the case of sand adding: water cutting is divided into two types: no sand cutting and sand cutting.

  With point of equipment: it is divided into large water cutting machine, small water cutting machine, three-dimensional water cutting machine, dynamic water cutting machine.

  The advantages of 304 water cutting stainless steel plate:

  1、Outting quality is good: smooth edge without rough burr.

  2、Non thermal processing: because it uses water and abrasive cutting, in the process of cutting, the machine will not generate heat (or very little heat), this will be very good for heat-affected materials such as: titanium.

  3、Environmental protection: this machine uses water and sand cutting, in the process, the sand will not produce poisonous gas, can be directly discharged, more environmentally friendly.

  4、No need to replace the tool: you don't need to replace the cutting machine, a nozzle can process different types of materials and shapes, saving cost and time.

  5、Reduce burr: the sand abrasive waterjet cutting with less burr and incision.

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