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304 #8 mirror stainless steel plate

Time:2018-04-10 10:26Author:jawaysteel

  304 #8 mirror stainless steel plate has a non-directional finish that virtually looks like a mirror. 304 #8 mirror stainless steel plate possesses a highly polished finish and does not contain or have a coating or finishing material to give it reflectivity.

  304 #8 mirror stainless steel plate comes with a double layer of PVC film to protect the mirror finish during fabrication and installation.

304 #8 mirror stainless steel plate


  • Standard: ASTM
  • Grade: 304
  • Characteristics:Superior resistance to moisture and acidic conditions. Strong and durable.
  • Workability: Good candidate for some processing techniques. Great corrosion resistance.
  • Applications: Trim and molding, mechanical access panels, commercial restrooms, or anywhere a mirrored finish is required

304 #8 mirror stainless steel sheet


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