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Astm 304 stainless steel plate with low price and high quality

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  Details of astm 304 stainless steel plate

  Commodity:astm 304 304l stainless steel plate


  Certification:ISO, SGS, BV, CE or as required


  Width:1000mm,1219mm(4feet),1250mm,1500mm,1524mm(5feet),1800mm,2000mm or as your requirements

  Length:2000mm,2440mm(8feet),2500mm,3000mm,3048mm(10feet),5800mm, 6000mm or as your requirements

  Surface: 2B, 2D, HL(Hairline), BA(Bright annealed), No.4, Gold mirror, Sapphire mirror, Rose mirror, black mirror, bronze mirror,Gold brushed, Sapphire brushed, Rose brushed, black brushed etc.


Astm 304 stainless steel plate

  Applications of astm 304 stainless steel plate

  construction upholstery, and industry instruments, such as fencing, railing,safe doors / windows, gate fittings, inside staircases, balcony balustrades,furniture, sanitary wares, kitchen wares etc

Astm 304 stainless steel plate/sheet

  Supplier of astm 304 stainless steel plate

  Jaway Steel can supplies low price and high quality ASTM 304 stainless steel plates, and we also provide surface treatment for wire drawing, embossing, flushing, anti-slip, etc. Why choose jaway?

  1. Our products are high quality and best price.

  2.We have experience in this line for many years.

  3.We have professional team and the factory.

  4.It's very important for a company to be honest in the process of trading and so do we.

  5.Our products are exported to countries around the world.

Astm 304 stainless steel plate product

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