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2507 stainless steel plate with high quality

Time:2018-05-03 11:19Author:jawaysteel

Details of 2507 stainless steel plate

  • Grade:2507
  •   Thickness:3mm~200mm(hot rolled);0.3-3.0mm( cold rolled)
  •   Width:600-1500mm
  •   Length :2000mm, 2438mm, 3048mm, 6000mm, or coil
  •   Size:1000mm*2000mm, 1219mm*2438mm, 1219mm*3048mm, 1000mm*6000mm or as required
  •   Surface:No.1, 2B, 2D, BA, No.4, 8K, golden 8K, black 8K, hairline, embossed, etched, vibration, pvd color coated, titanium, sand blasted, anti-fingerprint
2507 stainless steel plate

  Application of 2507 stainless steel plate

  •   Interior/exterior/architectural/bathroom decoration,
  •   elevator decoration, hotel decoration, kitchen equipment, ceiling,
  •   cabinet, kitchen sink, advertising nameplate.
2507 stainless steel plate with high quality

  Supplier of 2507 stainless steel plate

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