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Stainless steel plate has been widely used in many industries,due to its good ranti-rusting and heat durable properties. Among them, 304 and 316 grade stainless steel plate are deeply loved by consumers, because 304 grade is a standard commercial grade, with good corrosion resistance and excellent formability and weldability,grade 316 has excellent corrosion resistance and more suitable for coastal applications.


  • 1.400 series: 7.75g/cm³

  • 2.304,321,304L,202,201:7.93310g/cm³

  • 3.309s,316L,316: 7.980g/cm³


  • 1.Thin plate: 0.2mm-4mm

  • 2.Medium plate: 4mm-20mm

  • 3.Thick plate: ≥20mm


Stainless steel plates can be divided into four types: austenitic, ferritic, martensite, and duplex (ferrite-austenite)


  • NO.1(silver white)
  • NO.2D
  • NO.2B(Gloss is stronger than NO.2D)
  • BA(Bright as a mirror)
  • NO.3
  • NO.4
  • NO.240
  • NO.320
  • NO.400
  • HL
  • NO.7
  • NO.8(Mirror grinding)

304 Stainless Steel Plate

304 stainless steel plate, the most widely used of the stainless and heat resisting steels,which offers good corrosion resistance to many chemical corrodents as well as industrial atmospheres and marine environments.

304 stainless steel plate have excellent corrosion resistance in a variety of different media. Typical specifications for 304 and 304L ss plate are ASTM A-240, ASME SA -240 and A666

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